Da Emilio – A True Roman Trattoria


This is Emilio, of Trattoria Da Emilio, in quartiere Trieste, in Roma.

Emilio proudly shows a photograph of the late Aldo Fabrizi, one of the icons of Roman popular culture; he was an actor, a poet and a big gourmand. Aldo Fabrizi lived in the neighborhood and used to be a regular.

Although Emilio has been there forever, I just discovered him thanks to the recommendation of a friend who lives around the corner. And what a discovery Emilio is! He is one of the last true Trattoria of Roma with a simple Roman menu and fresh ingredients. The decor is very basic. No tourists in sight.

Trattoria da Emilio
Trattoria da Emilio

If you want to go, bring your vocabulary and hurry up; Emilio says that when his wife decides she no longer wants to be in the kitchen, he will sell, too.

Sad, isn’t it? But Emilio has a son who works in the Trattoria. Who knows, perhaps if we all go, Emilio’s family might decide to stay!

Trattoria Da Emilio, Cucina Casareccia

Via Alessandria, 189 – Roma (mappa)

tel: 06855897


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