Women-Owned Company. What For?

We were kind of proud of our “women-owned business” certification but in fact, recently all we gained from it was an unhappy customer. This is what he just wrote to us:

6a00e55029641d88340134851eb67c970c-800wi “Could you image anything more brutta figura than, as a woman, your receiving a business solicitation from a firm that advertised itself as a “certified men-owned business?”

“Basta with this nonsense. It’s discriminatory, unwelcoming, and just plain foolish.”

“Senta, scusi, but why don’t you just tell all of your male customers, “Va fa in culo”?”.

“My Italian is obviously poor, but I surely get your message. Your amico, XXX”

Lovely message! What do you think? Is XXX right and the message unwelcoming?

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  1. Steven Slaven says:

    Beatrice and all,
    Actually, I think he is right (could have said it better but certainly made his point). Customers can figure out for themselves who runs and works your business. I don’t believe any advantage that might be gained by saying you are a “women-owned” business is worth the bad karma given men like this fellow.
    Love and kisses (not to any of the guys working there),

  2. Well, the truth is that if women were accorded equal treatment in the business world, i.e., without any discrimination, such designations wouldn’t be necessary. But you have earned it; why not use it? I notice that both negative comments are from men. Perhaps the question to ask is why should it offend them so much

  3. William T. Underwood says:

    Personally, I like the idea ofa “women ownedbusiness.” Iand my 80 year old wife, and as many of our children,grand children and great grand children as we can get together are coming to New York the first weekin Dec. to celebrate the wife’s 80th. We’ll be staying in mid Manhattan.How much of a deal would it beto come to your place one afternoon for a little shopping? Bill Underwood

  4. albgardis says:

    I agree with Anne, but then, I am a woman too. Isn’t it interesting how the guys fall into one spot and the women into another?
    I agree that women are still disadvantaged in the business world, and when some are making it nevertheless, like you did, then they (you) deserve the praise.
    Women are handling all things differently than men are, so this also gives the customer an impression how the company is run.
    Of course, it would be foolish to think women are always right and men are always wrong. Women are just different, and their approach is different. But sometimes just that makes the difference between a well led company and a not so well led company.
    Apart from all that I find the remarks of the customers insulting. My italian is of course not great, but some key words I understood, and I would not like to be called that in any language. Criticism is always right when it is appropriate, like when a problem accured or something went wrong. But nobody needs to behave like that with such terminology. This is just not helpfull.

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