Will You Work for Food? Italy’s Best Foods?

Gustiamo is hiring!!!

For the second year, we went to the French Culinary Institute‘s annual job fair. We were among other great employers such as Del Posto, Jean Georges, Boulud, Fresh Direct… And met many exceptional candidates, all alumni of the French Culinary Institute. Actually, since the “French” is not fashionable any longer, the venerable school is slowing dropping the French to become the International Culinary Center or the Italian Cooking Academy. It’s all a little confusing, but it’s all the same thing.

6a00e55029641d883401156e3ab6d3970c-800wiAt left is how the room looked, with the employers behind the tables. You can feel the vibe. Anne, at the end of the room by the corner, is holding for the photographer the big Gustiamo sign. Anne is a graduate from this school, so here she is, again, only at the other side of the table!

We are looking for passionate, honest, hard working people who love real Italian foods. Candidates for internships and part/full time jobs, pls email Anne. We need sales people, internet, admin, marketing. In exchange, we offer: lots of fun, small salaries and great Italian foods.

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  1. I am willing to work with Gustiamo for minimum or no pay on any worthwhile fundraising events! I am hardworking and when it comes to cooking I am in my element!
    Ciao e a presto!
    1. Visit me at my (neglected because I am so busy doing peace activist work) blog
    2. This Friday I’ll be on Wall Street at 1:00 for a special event you may (or may not) read on the news…all peaceful…but meaningful

  2. Beatrice says:

    Ciao Maurizio!
    Let’s say that working with Gustiamo is a full time fund raising job. Meaning, we are still a NOT FOR PROFIT. We make no money. Therefore, you’ll be in your natural element!
    Call us! Let’s meet!

  3. Maurizio says:

    Ciao Beatrice!
    I hear you! Would love to talk soon. You may also contact me at mmorselli@jdrf.org. April is a bit busy as I will be in DC back and forth. Anyway would love to meet soon.
    A presto!
    Grazie e sempre forti!

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