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Sig.ra Bruna of Hotel Victoria read our post where we raved about her hotel in Torino. She said: thank you, it is a lovely comment; it would be great if you could post it on Tripadvisor.com. She is right, the good review is useless when lost in the cybernetic void of a traffic of 5 people (if we get lucky) on Gustiblog. I did post the comment on Tripadvisor where 15 million people might see it.

It made me think. We receive tons of good comments about our products and services. Shouldn’t we ask to post them? Where?

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  1. Ann Bardue says:

    You can have a new section to the website for your customers to enter their comments. I think it’s a great marketing tool and a good way for you to know what your customers are thinking.

  2. Martina says:

    Grazie Anne. You are the very first comment on our newborn blog. Our website design is obsolete but to start (and until we can work on a major overhaul) I think a dedicated page on the homepage would be a start. What would be the tripdavisor of food rating, if there’s such a thing?

  3. Ann Bardue says:

    Well, because trip advisor is really for hotels and travel needs, etc, having a standard link to TripAdvisor may not be workable in the case of many of your vendors.
    But once one is identified (as in this case) You can surely provide a link to the vendor’s website (the hotel or otherwise) where folks can provide specific feedback – Another idea would simply be to house/host the “Feedback Forum” on your website here. Once developed, you can encourage your customers to send their comments about the merchandise they purchase.
    Another idea is simply to post the comments of your customers on the pages where the products are listed. The large, online bookseller that starts with an “a” has a good model of their customers “reviews”. I know I always read others comments before purchasing when possible – Especially if it’s something I’ve never purchased before!

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