Now Twitter – Will We Ever Have A Life Anymore?

6a00e55029641d8834011570b426dc970b-800wi I can’t tell you how much time we spend trying to keep up with new technology and trends.  Could it be because we are not exactly spring chickens, any longer?

We use skype, youtube and flikr.  We Blog on this Gustiblog. We were about to finally update our Gustiamo page on Facebook… and what do we hear? Facebook is out. If you do Facebook, you are out of the loop. Twitter is the next thing. Now, who would care to receive short messages (max 140 characters) about what we are doing that precise moment? Apparently, lots of people. I opened an account on Twitter, never posted a thing and have already 8 followers. I don’t know how they arrived at my account, because I can’t find theirs. I emailed Twitter for directions. This is our next project. Stay tuned. God, will we ever get to have a life again?

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