Tratturello EV Olive Oil – part 2

tratturello #1The bottle NUMERO 1 of Il Tratturello’s, Francesco Travaglini’s EV extraordinary Olive Oil, is a very important one: it’s destined to Barack Obama and we are watching its journey from Molise to the South Bronx very closely. It was Francesco’s idea (see how it started), although it’s a big deal for him:  he always keeps the NUMERO 1 of each harvest on his farm.

I just called IS, our shipping company. Tratturello NUMERO 1 could not be in better hands because they are efficient, professional and caring. Luca Fabbro tells me that the bottle crossed the ocean on Vessel Sealand Eagle, in Container GATU 880188/0 and arrived, as scheduled, in NY, last Thursday. Now, it is in the hands of US customs and FDA. Luca says that everything looks fine and he will call us with news, soon. To be continued….

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  1. Luca says:

    Ciao Beatrice,
    The olive oil was delivered today in your warehouse: I hope it arrived “sound and safe” …or the FBI will show up in our office tomorrow.

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