Susanna Agnelli Died

6a00e55029641d88340115708cab6b970b-800wi I just read that Susanna Agnelli died in Roma last night at 87. She will be sadly missed. I didn’t know her personally, but I always regarded her as a wise, witty  woman. The last of the Agnellis; The one who, when Fiat, five years ago, was on the verge of bankruptcy, kept the family together and contributed to save the company. Now, the idea Fiat is controlling Chrysler is hard to believe. It is a miracle and it makes us Italians very proud.

The news struck me even more, because today is my first day of receiving the Corriere della Sera at home after a two month hiatus. I wanted to be virtuous and go virtual and subscribed online. It didn’t work. I ended up never reading the online version of the daily paper. I am on the computer already too much as it is. So, last week I called Speedimpex (not very speedy, indeed: it took 5 days to receive it). Sorry the news was so bad.

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