Squisito  This crazy idea started with Carla Latini, who said: if you are in Italy around the first of May, you MUST go to San Patrignano, where some of Italy’s best food artisans will attend the event of Squisito! ! The second exclamation point is to reflect Carla’s enthusiasm. The first comes attached to the name of the event.

Quick search: San Patrignano is a community in Emilia Romagna, which for some thirty years helps kids to overcome drug addiction with the help of manual and intellectual labor. Now, the community is approximately 1,000 young members engaged in all kind of works, mainly farming, wine and cheese making. Squisito! is an event in its 6th year, where the community and many other Italian artisans, including Pasta Latini showcase their precious wears.

Carla, it’s a really crazy idea. Let me think about it and, most importantly… let me talk to Tony and Cathy! It’s a long drive from Molise to San Petrignano. I mapquested it.  4 hours and 46 minutes ? Mmmmh, we would love it and we ARE crazy, but this seems to me too much too much of a schlep, we have to return to Roma to catch our plane. Next year?

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