David Pays a Visit to Sant’Eustachio in Roma. Video Responds to Video.

Who is David? I have no idea. YouTube emailed me that somebody (David) posted a video in response to our video “Sant’Eustachio coffee on its way to PHISH’s Trey Anastasio“. [It was Nicole who was going to see Phish]  YouTube was requesting my approval. I just spent an hour trying to understand the issues – it’s very complicated. This David seems a nice guy who has a weird haircut, travels a lot and talks about his trips on his YouTube channel, twitter, website … all the right things that make a person/business legitimate, nowadays. So, David goes to Roma and then to Sant’Eustachio, has a coffee and shoots this video. Click HERE to watch the video. He somehow found us and linked video to video. I still don’t quite understand, but, what the heck! David’s video is lovely and I approved! We might even meet, one day.

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