Holiday Sales!!! Everything is for sale… Including Gustiamo?

6a00e55029641d8834012875d0e735970c-800wi John Miller (fake name), a friend who receives our newsletters, sent an email as a reply to our latest one, now your very Italian connection, the one in which Martina announced our new presence in the cloud, our Facebook page and our twitter account. John must have been really impressed by our communication skills and business potentials, because he wrote:


Dear Gustiamo: Please let me know if you’re looking for investors, for equity in the company, and what numbers do you have in mind. thanks

Michael, the senior advisor asks: What is the accumulated investment? Do you have any reason to believe he’s serious?

Martina: What number do we have in mind? How much is the facial laser treatment again?

Beatrice: Well, John, we’re always interested in talking to serious people about how we can take Gustiamo to the next level. If you are serious, call us.


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