Queen Restaurant

Queen Restaurant

Anne, Martina and I went to Queen restaurant last monday night, in Brooklyn. I had been hearing a lot about this restaurant lately. In addition to rave reviews from friends, it was voted AOL City’s Best Restaurant a couple of years ago. Most importantly, Martina, who does not have an AOL account, swears by the quality of its food, too. In fact, she likes it so much, she goes there very often, considering that Martina, like me, cooks at home most of the time.

Queen opened in 1958 by Anthony Vitello. Now, Pasquino and Vincent, his sons, run this old fashioned – old school Italian American restaurant. I loved Pasquino’s grace, his attention to better ingredients and his desire to become more “real” Italian: in fact, he asked us for corrections of the Italian language in his menu. Pasquino, any time! Here are some pictures of the food we were served. I had heard that the restaurant is usually very crowded. But we were lucky: on our Monday evening, we had all the attention from Pasquino, who was on duty, and his staff. This is Pasquino’s description of the desserts they served us. It’s a video, click here. We ate everything, had a lovely time and were sent home with fresh mozzarella, various breads and pizza – all home made and delicious. Thank you, Pasquino.

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  1. Fedele Panzarino says:

    BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! QUEEN Restaurant,the best Italian Restaurant in New York. Great ingredients prepared with love & care.

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