Pasta Latini, the Best Pasta in the World

Angelo Recchi, loves Le Marche and wants to take you to discover this wonderful region. He loves Le Marche’s food artisans, in particular Pasta Latini.

Gustiamo Fancy Food Show
Gustiamo Fancy Food Show


Gustiamo, Inc., is proud to import Pasta Latini in the United States. Here is Anne at the Fancy Food Show in NY, 2008.

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  1. Janet File says:

    Testimonials from people is a great marketing strategy! Actually, people can be more captivated by the background used in that vid. They used real graffiti at the site? It’s nice! Anyway, if people have already testified about the product, it’s likely that consumers will try it out. That’s a clever idea.

  2. Beatrice says:

    Cara Janet, thank you! Of course they are real graffiti! It’s our very real warehouse in the Bronx!!! You should come and see them in person. Ciao e grazie!!!

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