Pasta al Pomodoro by Sabatino Abagnale

When I went to visit Sabatino Abagnale, last summer, I asked him: how do we best describe your fantastic tomatoes to our friends. He replied, just cook it, make pasta al pomodoro. They’ll be hooked for life. This is Sabatino’s recipe. When I dared to ask, no cheese? No


Sedani (500gr – full bag)
Terra Amore e Fantasia Tomatoes (whole tin – 800 grams)
3 spoonfuls of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Coarse sea salt (to taste)
3 cloves of garlic


1. Boil pasta in salted water and cook al dente
2. Peel garlic cloves
3. In a pan, put oil and brown garlic, medium flame
4. Remove garlic from pan when golden, then add tomatoes, a pinch of salt
5. Cook for 10 minutes
6. Drain pasta and add sauce

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