Miracle keywords with google. From nowhere Gustiamo ranked first for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

6a00e55029641d88340120a6ad3608970c-800wi This is Nicolette. Not only she is beautiful, as you can see from the picture. She is very smart, works hard and understand things that are beyond the comprehension of most of us humans. She is an expert in SEO (search engine optimization, if you didn’t know), but in particular, she is an expert on Google adwords, the thing you do when you want to rank higher on the search engine. With her class mates Nicole, Scott and Candice, Nicolette undertook a project sponsored by Google and chose Gustiamo as their case study. A desperate case, I’d say. Read the facts here. The good news is their  project was among the 3,000 Google selected to judge from 15,000 projects submitted from all over the world. Already,this is a great accomplishment!

The competing teams were given $200 and three weeks in April. During this time, Nicolette’s group monitored the results of their keywords twice a day, at 6pm and at 2am (somehow they had determined that our “market” is more active at those times – I have not understood this, yet; if true, we will stay up all night!). They changed the keywords constantly, improving their “quality”, adding negative words (I’ll explain this another time) and kept monitoring. Well, the project is finished and Nicolette can sleep now. She submitted her very well written final report (even I understood it) to Google. Listen to this[!], they just learned that their work [and Gustiamo] finished 35th out of 3,000 contestants. If, in April, you searched “extra virgin olive oil” on Google, Gustiamo would have come up first. I think we’ll resume the campaign very soon! Grazie Nicoletta, great job!!!

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  1. Nice job, optimizing keywords really can help your site to get into the top. Working it every day and monitoring it is the best way. This is a great way to promote your business under this category as well as to any category you want just be patient.

  2. grazie. we’ll do! if you have any suggestions of relevant key words… tell us and we’ll test them.

  3. Pietro says:

    HI everyone!
    AdWords is a very attractive instrument. Combined with google Analytics it can really give interesting information on customers interests.
    I’ve been working with it since a few months and it’s starting give good results.
    I’ll studing a little bit for other keywords very soon!

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