Marco Colzani In The New York Times + Wall Street Journal

Marco Colzani is a serious bean to bar chocolate maker. His specialty is coaxing the maximum flavor possible out of green cocoa beans, which he sources from single origins around the world.  
Marco is a trained wine scientist with a degree in agriculture. He applies much of his knowledge of grapes – origin, terroir, fermentation, acidity, sugar, and oxidation – to his true passion: chocolate.

In addition to chocolate, Marco makes these famous sweet spreads: Chocolate + Hazelnut, Pistachio, and Almond

Fruit covered chocolate bricks and squares are the newest addition to our Marco Colzani collection. They arrived to the USA for the first time ever, just a few weeks ago, and were met with the warmest welcome! Both the NYTimes and Wall Street Journal write about them:

Florence Fabricant calls Marco Colzani’s chocolate bricks Chocolate Bars Dressed for the Party.”

“Just put one of these beautiful nine-and-a-quarter-inch-long slabs of dark chocolate — paved with dried orange slices, strawberries or assorted nuts — on a board with a sharp knife or small cleaver, and let holiday guests help themselves. You will not need to fuss with dessert.”



The Wall Street Journal calls these chocolate bricks A Chocoholic’s Dream.”

“If this gargantuan confection from bean-to-bar chocolate maker Amaro doesn’t satisfy the chocoholic in your life, nothing will.  Pure Ivory Coast beans lend their subtlety and depth to the smooth 66% cacao. Paper-thin slices of dried Sicilian orange on top add both aesthetic and taste complexity.”



For all his sweet creations, Marco’s philosophy is simple. As he says:
“When it’s good enough to be eaten as-is, don’t fuss with it and ruin it. Take away everything that is unnecessary, and try to come as close as possible to the original.”