Zitto zitto… panettone has arrived. No flavors, no distractions, just plain panettone.

Panettone has arrived Zitto zitto … which means, with no fanfare, the panettone by Angelo Marchesi has landed in the Bronx a couple of weeks ago. This panettone is so famous (Mario Batali said that it “will become your only panettone once you taste it” – sorry, Mario, we’ll use this line for the rest of our lives!), customers have been checking our website constantly to see whether IT is back in stock; they found IT and are already placing their orders. Amazing! And talking about great great chefs, Piero Selvaggio of legendary Valentino, just reserved a whole case for his family in LA. So, hurry up!

If you are into truffle oil, this Panettone is not for you. It’s not flavored. No chocolate, no limoncello, no fruit (only traditional fresh Italian raisins and candied orange peel) no distractions. It’s just a plain Panettone Milanese, but it is the one, the only and the best you can buy. It’s also very expensive. But all worth it!

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  1. ParcoFiorito says:

    I love panettone and I love as gustiamo share this italian jewel with people. Merry Christmas to all

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