Help Wanted

6a00e55029641d883401157220908f970b-800wi Gustiamo needs help in the warehouse for picking and packing our orders, and managing our inventory. We just posted an ad on Craiglist. In a matter of a few hours, Anne’s email was flooded with hundreds of replies. A reminder the recession is still here and quite severe.

Anne has the tedious job of reviewing all replies and  trying to make some sense out of them. Some make us smile. One says: “Hi there, I saw your ad and I wanted to post my resume to see if I could qualify for position. I do also have a valid driver’s license and a love for Italian food.  Chicken alfredo happens to be my favorite dish, what about yourself?”

If you (or somebody you know) don’t like chicken alfredo but are interested in the position, please give Anne a call (718 860 2949) or email her. We would love to talk to you.

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