Free Advertising from Google

6a00e55029641d883401156e66b4e9970c-800wi   Now, this is incredible! Free advertising from Google! Wonderful. More things like this should happen to us.

Nicolette Abbatangelo is a friend of our friend, Simone Tarantino, and she is a student at Montclair State University, NJ. Google is sponsoring a project with that University and wants young students to learn the art of advertising with Adwords. The objective of the project is to increase the visibility of the subject company (Gustiamo!) and raise its ranking with search engines. So Nicolette, together with Candice, Nicole and Scott are working on our behalf. The report and results of the project will be submitted to the University and Google.

One of the keywords they chose is “Italian Olive Oil”. I didn’t think it was a good choice. I thought that since we are so famous for our exceptional Italian Olive Oils, we should already be high up in the search engine. Nothing could be more wrong! I just did my research of “Italian Olive Oil” on Google. Result: we stand nowhere! Gustiamo never appears when you enter those words on Google. I went through 63 pages of Google (623 entries) and Gustiamo was never mentioned. Nothing, like we do not exist. I was so appalled that I would have gone on in my search but Google tells me that after the 63rd page, all the entries are similar to the previous ones and stops there. This is it. We do not exist.

We clearly need all the help we can get! Nicole, Candice, Nicole and Scott, thank you very much! Get to work on this project soon!!!

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  1. Nicolette says:

    Hi Beatrice/Martina,
    Thank you for the mention.
    It is our pleasure to work with Gustiamo!
    We hope that our project will help uncover some of key ways to reach potential Gustiamo customers.
    It is a challenge to encapsulate your passion into only 70 characters per ad. We will try our best!
    Ciao for now

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