Disisa Olive Oil from Monreale, in Sicilia, is so good because it is 100% Cerasuola.

6a00e55029641d88340120a67c7fd0970b-800wiThis beautiful couple are mamma Maria Paola and son Mario. They came to NY last week, to tell us about their Disisa EV Olive Oil and their wine (Feudo Disisa), served at some best restaurants in NY, including the new Casa Lever. Mamma Maria Paola is the “olive oil guru” of the family: she is a professional taster, a fervent advocate of real olive oil and travels the world to promote good practices.

Their property is in Monreale, on the hills near Palermo, 80 hectares planted with local cerasuola olive trees. A few years ago, they built their own mill in the property so that  the olives are crushed within 2 hours of the harvest, now in full swing. The harvest, of course, is all manual (the workers use the combs, olives fall on nets on the ground). Why is the Disisa olive oil so exceptional? In Maria Paola and Mario’s words: because it is 100% cerasuola, a local olive that keeps the organolectic properties and freshness of the oil for a longer time.

Watch this video (click this link), Mario introduces his beautiful oil on the Hudson river. The rooster in the distance is for good luck.

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