BTW – from Tony Mantuano, a message to fellow Italians

By the way, we think it is very cool how Italians have
expressed their support for Obama. We have had so many inquiries from
media and friends in Italy about his dining experience here. Makes us
Italo-Americans very proud of our heritage as well.

Happy Holidays,



grazie Tony. buon lavoro e auguri a tutti.

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  1. Brian Wrye says:

    Are you kidding? I thought this was a food blog, not a political one.
    Obama is the last person to vote for. Good, now that we have the
    politics out of the way, we can continue to discuss food.

  2. beatrice says:

    Caro Brian, thank you. I am so happy somebody is reading.
    Yes, this is a food blog; but I thought that Tony’s email was somewhat important.
    Have a happy and healthy New Year and thank you again for writing.

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