Corbezzolo. The renegade of Honeys.

gustiamo caponata squashWhile all the other honeys bring sweet pleasantries, Corbezzolo arrives with a bang. A bang that rocks your taste buds with exotic, bitter, herbal flavor. This is not like any honey you know. It is the non-conformist of the honey world. Why? Because it is bitter. That’s right, BITTER honey.

Corbezzolo honey is an ingredient that always makes its way to the front of our pantries this time of year. It’s SQUASH season.

Yes, just about ALL of your squash recipes can benefit from this secret ingredient. Our go-to squash recipe is Butternut Squash Caponata. You cannot make this recipe correctly without Corbezzolo Honey and the final result is splendid!

It will be the rockstar side dish for all our autumn dinner parties, not to mention our Thanksgiving and Hanukkah feasts too!

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