Columbus Day and Stefano

6a00e55029641d88340120a5da2931970b-800wiTomorrow is Columbus Day and most of America will celebrate the anniversary of the discovery of the new world in 1492 by the Genovese explorer, Cristoforo Colombo. Several people, in particular the native Americans, do not think that this discovery was a good thing and want to change the name of the festivity into “Italian Heritage Day”. In fact, Columbus Day particularly celebrates the friendship between Italy and the USA, as well as the mutual respect and cooperation between the two countries.

We can’t go to the Columbus Day Parade, on Fifth Avenue, tomorrow. We’ll be in the office and celebrate the arrival of Stefano, the new addition to the Gustiamo team. What a great concidence. Stefano also wants to discover and conquer America, and tell America what Italy’s Best Foods is all about. He is from Genova, too. All the odds are with him. More about Stefano, later. In the meantime, Happy Columbus Day!

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