Spaghettini with Yellow Tomatoes & Colatura

This recipe comes from Gragnano, the Pasta capital of the world. The day Sergio from Pastificio Faella gave it to us, we ran home to try it. This pasta is extraordinary. It is a creamy marriage of distinct and bright ingredients which requires no effort to achieve an incredible result.  

Fricasseed chicken with Piennolo Tomatoes and Taggiasca Olives

The first person we looked to for cooking advice after our first shipment of Taggiasca Olives arrived was Victor Hazan. He told us that “Marcella had a fricasseed chicken recipe that called for olive taggiasche. It was one of her many beloved chicken dishes. It’s on page 273 of MARCELLA CUCINA.” We were especially excited about…

Pasta con la Bottarga

Before you start to tell us that you don’t like fishy flavors, hear us out: we have served this dish to people who didn’t even realize they were eating fish. This pasta dish is a true marriage of Mediterranean flavors and it’s the bottarga that brings them all together, with its umami flavor. So umami….

Pasta al Pomodoro

Pasta al Pomodoro is probably the most iconic Italian comfort food. It makes for a quick meal full of goodness for every day in every season. Here at Gustiamo, we cook Pasta al Pomodoro (at least) once a week.  Simplicity is the key: we can never get bored of this one!

Roasted Cauliflower with Almond-Herb Sauce

This recipe is made to bring a spark of summer even during the coldest months of the year: the sweetness and tenderness of the roasted cauliflower are complemented by the brightness and crunchiness of this pesto. If you love almonds, anchovies, and caperberries, this is the recipe for you. It’s super easy, yet extremely tasteful…

Risotto Zafferano and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

The saffron gives to this risotto rich notes of dried fruit and flowers with a hint of smokiness. Vialone Nano is the perfect rice variety for this dish; it absorbs all the flavors and keeps them locked in its round grains. The best part of this recipe is finishing the creamy, golden risotto with drops…

Spaghetti con la Colatura

Raffaella Nettuno makes Gustiamo’s Colatura (best Colatura you ever tasted). This is her special and secret recipe for Spaghetti con la Colatura. Delicious and very easy to prepare: you just need to know how to boil water!

Farro Salad by Domenica Cooks

A colorful explosion of flavors, this farro salad is perfect for summer. And our favorite part is: it can (and for an ideal mingling of ingredients, it should) be prepared in advance and left to rest in the refrigerator. This recipe was created by our friend and cookbook writer Domenica Marchetti, and you can watch…

The Tomato-y, Shallot-y Pantry Pasta

We are big fans of Alison Roman, of her outspoken attitude and dedication to an unfussy and flexible cooking style. So, when her recipe for the tomato-y, shallot-y pasta you didn’t know you wanted made its first appearance in the New York Times, we couldn’t help but join the group of enthusiastic readers and give…

Sicilian Whole Wheat Pancakes

Our friend @saucesandwich_ came by the Gustiamo warehouse the other day and decided to treat himself to a big 5kg bag of Castelvetrano Flour from Sicily. Yes, he must really love stone milled, beyond whole wheat flour made of Sicilian ancient grains! So we weren’t surprised when he told us that he had a plan…