Sicchie d’a Munnezza Busiate Pasta

Sicchie d’a munnezza is Napoletano dialect for garbage can, and this recipe is a combination of the the classic leftovers of a holiday meal: nuts, dried fruits, and whatever else that might taste good. Like many traditional Italian recipes, this one originated as a creative solution to food waste, and by mixing a number of flavors…

Pane Nero di Castelvetrano, the Recipe (with sourdough starter)

Since we started importing ancient Sicilian flours from Filippo Drago’s mill in Castelvetrano, we have watched many different bakers (from Sicily, to Torino, to the Bronx, to Detroit) make their versions of Pane Nero di Castelvetrano (Black Castelvetrano Bread). We’ve learned first hand that bread is a scientific process that welcomes the artistic touch of…

Gemelli with Porcini Mushrooms

We’ve been eating gemelli pasta with porcini mushrooms all winter. This pasta is just the right combination of earthy and creamy. It is the kind of pasta that mushroom lovers dream about. Our porcini mushrooms from Borgo Val di Taro are really the star of this dish.

Pasta al Pomodoro for Two

Pasta al Pomodoro is probably the most iconic Italian comfort food. It makes a quick meal full of goodness for every day in every season. Here at Gustiamo we cook Pasta al Pomodoro at least once a week. Here are the right proportions for Pasta al Pomodoro for two. You just need 5 ingredients and 10…

Fricasseed chicken with Piennolo Tomatoes and Taggiasca Olives

The first person we looked to for cooking advice after our first shipment of Taggiasca Olives arrived was Victor Hazan. He told us that “Marcella had a fricasseed chicken recipe that called for olive taggiasche. It was one of her many beloved chicken dishes. It’s on page 273 of MARCELLA CUCINA.” We were especially excited about…

Pasta con la Bottarga

Before you start to tell us that you don’t like fishy flavors, hear us out. We have served this dish to people who didn’t even realize they were eating fish. This pasta dish is a true marriage of Mediterranean flavors and it’s the bottarga that brings them all together, with its umami flavor. So umami….

Spaghetti con la Colatura

Raffaella Nettuno makes Gustiamo’s Colatura (best Colatura you ever tasted). This is her special and secret recipe for Spaghetti con la Colatura. Delicious and very easy to prepare. You just need to know how to boil water. (serves 4-6)

Pasta with Caperberries, Hake, and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Gustiamo is on a caperberry kick. We can’t stop cooking with them; we’ve been adding caperberries to just about everything lately. When our friend, Chef Silvia Barban of LaRina, heard about our caperberry obsession, she created this pasta recipe for us. For this amazing pasta dish, Chef Silvia uses sun dried tomatoes from Maida Farm and a…

Pesto alla Trapanese with Busiate Pasta

Busiate and Pesto alla Trapanese are a Sicilian match made in heaven. It makes sense, after all, both this pasta shape and this pasta condiment originate from the Trapani area of Sicily. Try it for yourself! Serves 4-6

Pasta e ceci alla Romana

Pasta with chickpeas is a classic. One of the reasons we love this dish is because it perfectly represents the idea of “cucina povera.” There are several variations of this pasta dish, but the Roman one is our favorite! Pasta e ceci alla Romana uses anchovies and tomato concentrate, which make it especially flavorful. Serves…