New York Magazine: Italy’s Other Tomatoes

A whole page! New York Mag has dedicated a whole page to what they call “Italy’s Other Tomatoes,” aka Casa Barone Piennolo Tomatoes. Che bello! Talk about food and art. What do they have to say about these famous Mt. Vesuvious vine tomatoes? “These are some seriously pedigreed tomatoes. Slow Food certification? Check. EU D.O.P….

Insanely Flavorful Tomatoes in Food & Wine

“Insanely flavorful. Obsession-worthy. Powerful tomato.” That’s what Food & Wine has to say about Gustiamo’s Casa Barone Piennolo Tomatoes. We are so pleased that F&W has caught on to our Italy-insider secret, “Grown in Mount Vesuvius National Park in volcanic soil, the plump cherry tomatoes are ridiculously rich and packed with umami… a tomato so…

Obsession-worthy Italian Tomato in Food & Wine

“Insanely Flavorful,” that’s what Food & Wine calls our Piennolo Tomatoes. “Insane” is hardly a hyperbole here. These tomatoes have a cult following. We have seen chefs go all googly-eyed after one bite of these tomatoes. If you aren’t eating Piennolo Tomatoes yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Take some advice from F&W when they say, “It’s…

A Windy Day on Mt. Vesuvius

When we say windy. We mean positively blustery. After an hour standing on Vesuvio, we were completely windswept. Here is Danielle’s video, just to give you an idea. So what brought us to the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius on this gusty day? Peinnolo Tomatoes. Giovanni Marino of Casa Barone gave us the grand tour of…

Spaghettini with Yellow Piennolo Tomatoes & Colatura

This recipe comes from Gragnano, the Pasta capital of the world. The day Sergio, from Pastificio Faella gave it to us, we ran home to try it. This pasta is extraordinary. It is a creamy marriage of distinct ingredients. Serves 4-5

The Real Pomo d’Oro, Golden Tomato

It is well known that the Italian word for tomato, “Pomodoro,” means “Golden Apple” a.k.a. “Pomo d’Oro.” These yellow piennolo tomatoes bring new meaning to “Pomodoro.” Not only are these tomatoes stunning. Really, drop dead gorgeous. They also bring a new flavor to our tomato flavor vocabulary: sweet, earthy tomato goodness. Yellow tomatoes from Casa…

Nancy Harmon Jenkins in Campania

Our esteemed friend Nancy Harmon Jenkins recently journeyed to the heart of agricultural Italy: Campania. While there, Nancy visited Pasta Faella, casa Barone, and DaniCoop. Nancy, it was such a joy to see the true Italian motherland through your eyes! Here we are reposting a few highlights of Nancy’s trip: In Gragnano at Pastificio Faella: “In Gragnano… historically…

Yellow Piennolo Tomatoes

Our friends at Casa Barone in Campania have been working to cultivate the perfect Yellow Piennolo Tomato. They have truly out done themselves. Bravi Ragazzi! These tomatoes are incredibly good and absolutely gorgeous! While these bright and sunny tomatoes might seem new and innovative, they are really quite old. In fact, back in the day…

Cibus 2014

Gustiamo never stops! Not long after our extra virgin olive oil adventure in Molise, we headed north to Parma. Our visit to Cibus 2014 was a whirlwind of a trip, but absolutely fantastic and full of excellent food and amazing people. We started our visit chatting with Rosalba and Alessandro from La Valletta (top left)….

Del Posto’s Mark Ladner Loves Piennolo Tomatoes

Chef Mark Ladner of Del Posto in NYC was interviewed by Food & Wine. The topic of the interview was one of our personal favorite American food conundrums, how to use tomatoes in winter. Mark’s solution? Piennolo tomatoes! You may remember, Piennolo tomatoes were featured on the Today’s Show during holiday time. The NBC crew loved them….