Summer farro salad agrodolce

Mediterranean flavors like olives, tomatoes, and capers can combine together in endless recipe variations. This salad recipe is bright, nutty, and perfect for summer. It also provides an interesting variation on the ubiquitous Mediterranean trio of olives, tomatoes, and capers by adding balsamic saba 6 for an agrodolce kick.

Mark Bittman’s Modest Yet Gorgeous Farro

Mark Bittman recently prepared and wrote in his newsletter about a pretty delicious bowl of Bio Alberti’s farro monococcum. Bittman said (and we have to agree), “I believe that with food, the beauty is way more in the flavor than in the appearance, because to me, this modest-looking dish is gorgeous.” After cooking our farro simply…

Pasta e ceci alla Romana

Pasta with chickpeas is a classic. One of the reasons we love this dish is because it perfectly represents the idea of “cucina povera.” There are several variations of this pasta dish, but the Roman one is our favorite! Pasta e ceci alla Romana uses anchovies and tomato concentrate, which make it especially flavorful. Serves…

Bottarga Chickpea Spread

Yes, this recipe is essentially bottarga hummus. Glorious tahini-less hummus. We have been making it all summer. We are kind of obsessed. This recipe is facilissima e buonissima! So simple and so delicious. We first learned it from the wonderful Stefania Barzini. Stefania, thank you for introducing us and all of our friends to the chickpea + bottarga combination. It…

Farrotto with Porcini

We are writing this post while beautiful February snow piles up on our warehouse windowsill. Just like risotto, farrotto is a perfect wintertime dish. But farrotto’s flavor profile is a whole ‘nother ballgame. Farrotto is more rustic, it is rich with nutty flavor. This dish tastes of whole grain goodness. Serves 4-5 people

Marcella Hazan’s Purgatorio Bean & Barley Soup

Marcella Hazan always knows what we need. When we flipped through this recipe in “Marcella Cucina,” there was no doubt that it’s exactly what frigid winter 2015 calls for. Here Purgatorio Bean & Barley Soup (adapted from Marcella Hazan)! Serves 4-6 people

Risotto con Salsiccia e Fagioli Borlotti

We start eating this dish as soon as sweater season rolls around, and we don’t stop until spring flowers start popping up. It is a Marcella Hazan classic, adapted from her “Risotto with Sausages and Cranberry Beans” recipe in her book Marcella Cucina. Note that much of the preparation for this dish can be done well…