Castello di Cafaggio EV Olive Oil

Cafaggio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Congratulations to our Cafaggio Extra Virgin Olive Oil! It won the Gold Medal – Best of Class at the Los Angeles County Fair 2009.

The gold (now, in all senses) nectar is made by Enrico Benci, who lives in a castle, Castello di Cafaggio, near Florence. I went to visit Enrico a few years ago and the property is magnificent; the castle is surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and a natural forest where, Enrico says, the composer Giacomo Puccini, who was a friend of Enrico’s ancestors, used to go to hunt.

Cafaggio EV Olive Oil is made with Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino olives which are picked by hand; it has a fruity green-olive bouquet reminiscent of artichokes, and a pleasant bitter flavor typical of Tuscan extra-virgin olive oils. Bravo Enrico!

You must try this Gold Olive Oil. Here is the promotion: Inlcude Cafaggio EV Olive Oil in your order with Gustiamo. The Cafaggio Olive Oil will be discounted by 20%. (remember, we have a stupid shopping cart and the discount is not reflected in your automatic order confirmation. Do not worry!: it will be reflected on your bill and credit card charge. Offer valid until August 15th or until supplies last. Magic word to write in the “special instruction box” of the shopping cart is “Los Angeles”. No magic word, no discount.

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