Primo Maggio – Bronx Food Summit

 Today is the First of May, buona Festa del Lavoro!  Today, Primo Maggio, Gustiamo will be at the Bronx Food Summit, Slow Food desk. I look forward to hearing what Mr Diaz, our borough President says about the present situation and future of food in the Bronx. Other than Gustiamo, there are very few outlets with good and healthy foods in the neighborhood. It’s a food desert, out here. If you want to find a vegetable stand, you have to drive for miles. Good luck! Only Mc Donald’s and Popeye’s fried chicken around here. It’s good for your anthropological studies, but after a while you smell like a hamburger. Until things change, do come to the Bronx but have lunch with us.

If you plan to come to the summit, it is at the Hostos Community College (sub 2 & 5 – 149th st/Grand Concourse station). Enter building C to find the Atrium. We are in the Atrium between bldgs C & B. See you there!

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