Why the DOP Saffron Navelli Is the Best of the World and Why It Is So Expensive.

Watch these 2 lovely videos below. They were shot in Navelli, in Abruzzi, where the famous saffron is cultivated. Remember, to get 1 kilo of saffron, you need to pick 250,000 flowers! Look at the families who pick the flowers at dawn in October. Their backs must be broken! I feel for them! Don’t you? Well, after feeling guilty, you can order the DOP Navelli saffron here and enjoy the best saffron in the world.

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  1. We love what you say here Paola, it is why we love zafferano d’Aquila! “The Aquila saffron or zafferano d’Aquila (Abruzzo), cultivated exclusively in the Navelli Valley, is one of the best saffron in the world for its distinctive thread shape, unusual pungent aroma and intense color.”

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